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Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd-
Tesla Powerwall 3.0 Certified Installer.

Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd is a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall 3 home battery storage system. We offer a free consultation service where our experienced technicians handle everything from system design and permitting to supply, installation, and customer after-service.

Tesla Powerwall 3: Store solar energy generated during the day for use at any time. The built-in solar inverter simplifies installation and increases efficiency. With BC Hydro's time-of-use billing, Powerwall 3 helps you save during peak hours.

Ideal for Homes: Combining Powerwall with solar PV is perfect for residential homes. Our stock comes directly from the Tesla Gigafactory, ensuring you receive the latest technology.

Based in Burnaby, BC, we are licensed by Tesla to serve the Greater Vancouver Area and all of British Columbia, including areas such as Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, and Whistler.


Choose Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd for your Tesla Powerwall 3 installation and enjoy seamless integration of solar energy storage with expert service and support. Contact us today for your free consultation and start your journey towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Home Battery Residential solution. Certified Installer Vancouver, Burnaby, BC, Canada. Call Vancouver Solar & Electrical Ltd (V.S.E) for a Free Supply & Installation Quote! CALL: 778 229 2956.   Powerwall Lithum storage works for whole-home backup instead of a standby generator (diesel/propane), it also works totally Off-Grid allowing energy indepency for all homes/properties.

Powerwall is a compact home battery that stores energy generated by solar or from the grid. You can use this energy to power the devices and appliances in your home day and night, during outages or when you want to go off-grid. With customizable power modes, you can optimize your stored energy for outage protection, electricity bill savings and more.

Power Your Home,
Save Money


Maximum Efficiency, Lower Cost


Powerwall 3 can power your entire home with one unit, making whole-home backup protection more affordable. Each unit is self-contained with an integrated solar inverter for added efficiency, resulting in fewer parts and faster installation. This helps make multi-unit systems more affordable and system expansions easier in the future.

Store Extra Energy


When your solar system generates more energy than you need, you can store the extra energy you need with Powerwall 3 and save it for later (eg. BCHydro peak billing hours / Time of use). Powerwall 3 can also be set to charge from the Utility Grid when prices are lower.

Use Energy


Your stored energy is available whenever you need it- during the day, at night and when an outage occurs. A Powerwall 3 system can power your entire home, including your heater or A/C aswell as other large appliances.

Save and Earn


Using your usage history, weather forecasts and utility price estimates, Powerwall 3 optimizes your stored energy to power your home more efficiently, day and night. With

BCHydro you can make 10 cents per kWh for selling your excess solar power to the Grid via Net-metering.

charge-on-solar-desktop (1).jpg

Charge on Solar


Powerwall 3 backup protection extends beyond the home. You can optimize your stored energy to charge your electric vehicle with clean energy during the day, at night or during an outage. Adjust your system settings to charge exclusively with excess solar energy, or share your electric vehicle’s battery power with your home using Powershare to extend your home’s backup support during an outage.

Storms Happen—Outages Don’t Have To


Keep your home and all appliances powered during an outage. When severe weather is forecast, Storm Watch will automatically charge Powerwall to its maximum capacity to prepare for an outage. When an outage occurs, Powerwall will help keep your solar system running or, if using grid power, will transition your home to stored energy instantly.


Powerwall 3 Specs:



Energy Capacity

13.5 kWh¹

On-Grid Power

11.5 kW continuous

Backup Power

11.5 kW continuous
185 LRA motor start
Seamless backup transition


Solar-to-grid efficiency 97.5%
6 solar inputs with
Maximum Power Point Trackers

Warranty: 10 Years


Size and Weight

L x W x D

43.25" x 24" x 7.6"
287 lbs


System expansion available anytime
40.5 kWh max addition per unit


Integrated inverter and system controller
-4°F to 122°F
Flood and dust resistance²


Meets North American safety and EMI standards



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