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22KW Solar Panel Net-Metering Grid-Tied system in Squamish, BC.

4x Enphase IQ 5P Batteries

Solar Power System Case Study: Squamish, BC

Project Overview:

This solar power system, installed in Squamish, BC, is a cutting-edge example of sustainable energy solutions. The system boasts a substantial size of 22 Kilowatts (KW), designed to maximize efficiency and reliability.

System Components

Solar Panels

  • Quantity & Wattage: 40x Bauer 550W Bi-facial 144-cell solar modules

  • Brand & Model: BAUER (German manufactured)

  • Arrangement: All 40 panels are south-facing to optimize sunlight capture

Inverters and Optimization

  • Type: Enphase IQ8H Micro inverters with Enphase combiner 5C

Racking System

  • Brand: Unirac Ecofoot2+ self-ballasted racking system

Monitoring & Warranties

  • Integrated Web Monitoring & Smartphone Application: Included for real-time system monitoring and management

  • Warranties:

    • 25 years on solar panels

    • 25 years on Enphase micro inverters

    • 25 years on racking system

    • 10 years on workmanship

BC Hydro Net Metering

This system is qualified for BC Hydro's Net Metering Program, receiving 10 cents per kWh of excess solar energy exported back to the grid.

Solar Battery Storage

  • Capacity: 4x Enphase IQ5P Lithium Batteries, each with 5kWh capacity, totaling 20kWh

Critical Load Backup

  • Components: IQ Controller 3G (Battery Management System), critical load sub-breaker panel, and Current Transformers (CTs) at line side

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This comprehensive solar power system exemplifies advanced technology and robust design, contributing to a greener future for Squamish, BC.


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