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The following full panel layout design service is automatically included to all new inquirers in our free consultation process and also as a paid service available for other solar companies requiring layouts.

 Pysical Site Visit - If you are within 50km we come to your home or business in person Free of charge. We will use our MAVIC 2 Pro drone to take 4K aerial images of your roof/site to enable us to layout our panel arrangement accurately when we return to the office. 

• Google Maps design- If you are further than 50km or find your current schedule is too busy to meet with in person, we design your panel roof layout using Goggle Earth (Retro-fit) or building site-plans (New Construction). ​The final

design will nearly always be confirmed with a physical site visit prior to any money changing hands. 

• 2D & 3D layout design- Once we have gathered the image from a physical site visit or from Google Earth, one of our design team then runs it through our panel mapping out suite. For Residential systems we use a 2D layout tool and for

Commercial (Ground Mounted arrays etc) we can use a full 3-D design tool.  

Full System Design and solar Plan sets for Permit approval

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Energy Flow charts-

We also have the function to input all of your BC Hydro monthly bill readings over a 12 month period. We then use your readings to produce an energy flow chart displaying the amount of solar energy being generated, the solar consumed by your property, how much is fed back to the grid for BC Hydro Net-metering and how much energy is also used from the grid for winter months etc.


This is extremely helpful for us whilst sizing your system as BCHydro now expect us to size your solar array depending on how much electricity your property consumes. If we over-size your solar array then BCHydro will not approve your system under their Net-Metering program to receive the $0.10 credit for your excess Kilowatt hours.

The energy flow chart also lets us integrate your Electric vehicle (EV) and demonstrates how much solar energy will be used to charge it and how much grid power is also used to charge. It also shows how much solar energy can be stored and discharged in a battery backup system. As far as we know this is the only software in the world that can do this. 

Here is an example of how this works using an 11.165KW solar array, Tesla model 3 electric vehicle and Tesla Powerwall 2.0:

Solar Energy Flow chart incorporating El

VSE's unique design suite is one of a kind here in Canada which has more features than most others. It enables us to custom design full solar proposals and full system design services for engineering, plan-sets for permit packages and includes the following features:

Full system design-  We can design any type of solar array tailored to your needs whether grid-tied, off-grid and with or without battery backup storage system. 

Our software database includes all of the module and inverter manufacturers which enables us to calculate your inverter sizing, string-mapping configurations etc to perfect the design prior to ordering any components. The beauty of this is 

that we can generate an accurate report for each brand of components and compare yield performances.

The software integrates the exact weather data for any area here in BC allowing it to predict your annual solar kWh generation accurately. 

Single-line (schematic) diagrams-

We create single-line diagrams  used for finalizing your system components prior to ordering your materials and this

satisfies the city inspector during your final electrical inspection.

The single-line schematic diagram also lets us integrate an electric vehicle incase your customer owns a Tesla Model 3 

for example. It also integrates battery storage diagrams including Tesla Powerwall 2.0 etc. 

Solar PV Payback figures/financial analy

Additional Design features:

Our Solar design software is capable of the following features:

  • Calculation of electric vehicles with battery storage system.

  • High and Low Tariffs (HT/LT) for designing plants.

  • Buildings and objects can be extrudec using floor plan drawings and satellite maps.

  • DC-coupled storage systems can also be simulated. DC systems with generator or load-sharing are available to select.

  • Output of yield probabilities (e.g., P90).

  • Sizing help for battery storage systems.

  • Thermal flat and tube collectors as 3D objects.

  • Optimization of the polygon drawing tool, e.g. definition of right angles.

  • Visualization of the roof structure by displaying rafters and battens.

  • All roof areas in the 3D visualization will now be issued with the most important dimensions in a plan. An export (*.dxf) in most CAD programs is possible.

  • Copying of object groups including all structures and inverter configurations.

  • Simple duplication of objects by specifying the number of duplicates and the distance between them.

  • Selection of custom textures for terrain.

  • Autosave

  • Maximum Feed-in power clipping select-able at the inverter or at feed-in point.

  • Simulation of lithium-ion batteries is possible.

  • Optional simulation of minutes or hourly values.

  • Easy to use configuration of modules with inverters

  • Yield simulation for systems with power optimizers

  • Automatic and manual PV module roof coverage (up to 5,000 modules), taking account of restricted areas

  • Technical visualization of the cabling of a PV system (configuration of modules, strings and inverters)

  • Animated visualization of the course of shade for any point in time

  • Simulation of shading in 10 minute intervals

  • Visualization of the annual direct irradiation reduction for each point of the PV area

  • Mounted systems can be planned in 3D mode - including ground-mounted systems

  • Presentation and simulation of east/west mounted systems

  • Adaptation of the system to the roof architecture

  • Optimization of row distances and installation angle

  • Configuration across rows

  • Joint configuration of multiple PV areas

  • Manual configuration in 3D visualization

  • Optimization of PV module coverage and configuration corresponding to the shading situation

  • Modules can be freely allocated to strings in existing configurations

  • Multiple buildings and dormers can be covered with PV modules

  • Saw tooth roofs can be visualized and covered with PV modules

  • Use of own textures for all 3D objects

  • Reactive power supply

  • De-rating in small PV systems

Payback Calculations-

VSE can calculate your exact financial returns over the full 25 year duration of your solar investment.

Here is an example of what you can expect to see in our financial breakdown:


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