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11.005KW Solar PV & 3x Tesla Powerwall Whole-Home Backup system in Tsawwassen, Delta, BC.

System Size: 11.005 Kilowatt (KW)

Amount, Wattage, cell type of Solar Panels: 31x 355W 60-cell back contact.

Brand & Model Number of Solar Panels: LG Electronics NeonR

Module Roof Arrangement: 6x facing East, 15x facing West, 10x facing 5 degrees on North facing roof but with reverse tilt rack.

Brand & Model Number of Central/String Inverter system: Solaredge HD-Wave SE-7600-US (7.6) with Built-in EV Charger inverter.

Type of Micro Inverter or DC Power Optimizer system: 31x Solaredge P405 Worldwide Power Optimizers. 

Brand of Racking system used: Kinetic (Canadian Manufactured).

Soladeck Roof Electrical Junction boxes: 3 used.

Integrated Web Monitoring & Smartphone Application: Included. 

Warranties: 25 years on Panels, 12 Years for Inverter, 25 Years for Optimizers, 20 Years for Racking, 10 Years for Workmanship. 

BC Hydro Net Metering Application: Qualified and receiving 10 cents per kWh of excess Solar exported. 

Solar Battery Storage system: 3x TESLA POWERWALL 2.0 Lithium Batteries 13.5kWh each (40.5kWh total capacity).

Whole Home Backup or Critical Load Backup: Whole Home backup- Installed Tesla Gateway and CT's at the meter  location to intercept the main incoming supply so now the entire home is backed up. 

Customer Testimonial:

"Tarum did an excellent job of installing my 31 solar panels quickly and thoroughly. His recommendations for what I required were spot on. So far the panels have generated more than predicted and are great for charging my electric vehicles."

Tarum did such a great job installing my Solar array that I then decided to call him back months later to have him install a Tesla Powerwall system.He said that I needed one Powerwall for each 4KW of solar that I already, so I opted for 3 Powerwalls which now backup my entire home. 

Tarum arranged everything from start to finish including electrical permits, BC Hydro call out, delivery and receiving of materials and most importantly a flawless installation. He is trustworthy, highly skilled, his work is extremely neat and does not cut any corners. I'd quite happily refer him to anybody. "

J.WILSON (Tsawassen, Delta, BC). 

11.005KW, Tsawassen, BC
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