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5KW Solar PV System in Maple Ridge, BC.

System Size: 5 Kilowatt (KW)

Amount, Wattage, cell type of Solar Panels: 25x 200W 54-cell back contact.

Brand & Model Number of Solar Panels: Trina Honey 200/54

Module Roof Arrangement: Split-array in Portrait:- Flat roof, 25x due South. 

Brand & Model Number of Central/String Inverter system: Samil SolarRiver 5000TL-US

Brand of Racking system used: Unirac

BC Hydro Net Metering Application: Qualified and receiving 10 cents per kWh of excess Solar exported. 

Customer Testimonial:

" I had solar panels attached on the roof of my newly built house by an incompetent builder, but never connected. For about two years I could not find a suitable electrician to take care of the install.


Finally I met Tarum, he came and immediately gave me a clear idea of the work involved to connect them, including the BC Hydro application for power generation.


He showed me pictures of numerous previous installations he had made, including some with the same equipment that was supplied to me initially. All looked clean and tidy, quite a difference from the usual contractors in BC. He was diligent in providing a clear and reasonable quote, and soon started work in an efficient manner.


When a difficulty arose during the job due to inadequate equipment that was supplied by the original builder, he was very quick at communicating with me and providing options, costs, and timeline. He sought the best options to maximise the use of what I had, and repaired at no cost a small mistake of his.

The electrical inspection went smoothly, no surprises. He completed the BC Hydro application, no surprises there either. Now my whole system functions nicely, and I am grateful I chose Tarum and his company for the job."


J,Baptiste-Leveque (Maple Ridge, BC). 

5KW, Maple Ridge, BC
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