Tesla Solar Panels for
Residential & Commercial Applications


We're excited to introduce the new Tesla Solar Panels to clients in the Greater Vancouver area!


Starting Summer 2021 we're now offering Tesla solar modules to Residential homeowners and Commercial businesses offering the best warranty in the industry. 25 years workmanship and performance.


Vancouver Solar & Electrical are certified installers for Tesla solar modules, Tesla Powerall & Powerwall+ and Tesla's new Zep racking system.

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Tesla Photovoltaic Module

T420S, T425S, and T430S

Maximum Power

The Tesla module is one of the most powerful residential photovoltaic modules available. Our system
requires up to 20 percent fewer modules to achieve the same power as a standard system. The module
boasts a high conversion efficiency and a half-cell architecture that improves shade tolerance.


Beautiful Solar
Featuring our proprietary Zep Groove design, the all-black module connects easily with Tesla ZS
components to keep panels close to your roof and close to each other for a blended aesthetic with
simple drop-in and precision quarter-turn connections.



Tesla modules are subject to automotive-grade engineering scrutiny and quality assurance, far exceeding
industry standards. Modules are certified to IEC / UL 61730 - 1, IEC / UL 61730 - 2 and IEC / UL 61215.


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VSE specialise in the supply and installation of Residential Solar PV systems here in BC. 

Solar for home owners allows everyone to benefit from BC Hydro's Net Metering credits, savings on their electricity bill and provide a backup solution in a grid-down scenario. 

We offer Residential Solar Energy services for the following:

New-Construction Homes- These do not require a building permit or structural survey. 
• Retrofit Homes- In some cities they require you to have an additional building permit and structural survey. 
• Rental Properties- The landlord can use the savings to increase rental credits and free up capitol.

• Property Devlopment programs-  Find out about our bulk-order developer pricing today.



VSE specialise in the supply and installation of Commercial Solar PV systems here in BC. 


Commercial Solar allows businesses to benefit from BC Hydro's Net Metering credits and electricity savings.  




We offer Commercial Solar Energy services for the following:

 Factories & Warehouses
• Churches & Schools
• Agricultural & Farms

• Community Projects

• Shops & department stores

• Apartment blocks and Strata buildings

• Co-Operatives

Under the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) regime in the income tax system, Class 43.2 of Schedule II to the Income Tax Regulations provides accelerated CCA (50 per cent per year on a declining balance basis) for specified clean energy generation and conservation equipment. Providing accelerated CCA in this context is an explicit exception to the general practice of setting CCA rates based on the useful life of assets. Accelerated CCA provides a financial benefit by deferring taxation.


This incentive for investment is premised on the environmental benefits of low-emission or no-emission energy generation equipment.


Here is an example of how this works:

If your income profits are below $500,000 and your solar array is installed for $200,000 you get to write-off 50% per year on a declining basis.







































Screenshot (28).png
Screenshot (29).png


Finished write off on a $200,000 solar array is $27,531.25 if profits are under $500,000.

If your income profits are over $500,000 and your solar array is installed for $200,000 your tax bracket goes to 26%.





















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