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10.4 KW Solar PV panels- Grid-tied Net-metering system in Richmond, BC.

Date Installed: February 2021

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid: Grid-Tied

Net-Metering: Yes, BCHydro $0.10 per kWh exported (sold back)

System Size: 10.4 Kilowatt (KW)

Amount, Wattage, cell type of Solar Panels: 26x 400W 144-cell split-cell modules.

Brand & Model Number of Solar Panels: Hanwha Q-cells Q-Peak Duo L-G5.2 400W

Module Roof Arrangement: Split-array facing due South.

Brand & Model Number of Central/String Inverter system: N/A

Type of Micro Inverter or DC Power Optimizer system: Enphase IQ7+ Micro inverter system with Envoy and Enlighten monitoring software.

Brand of Racking system used: Kinetic (Canadian Manufactured), with Roofteck RT mini deck mounts.

Soladeck Roof Electrical Junction boxes: 1 used.

Integrated Web Monitoring & Smartphone Application: Included. 

Warranties: 25 years on Panels, 12 Years for Inverter, 25 Years for Micro Inverters, 20 Years for Racking, 10 Years for Workmanship. 

British Columbia Net Metering Application: Qualified and receiving 10 cents per kWh of excess Solar exported. 

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