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15.13 KW Off-Grid Solar PV & Tesla Powerwall Battery system with Generator 2nd backup installed in Tulameen, Princeton, BC.

Date Installed: September 2021

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid: Off-Grid with Kohler Generator secondary backup.

Net-Metering: No.

System Size: 15.13 Kilowatt (KW)

Amount, Wattage, cell type of Solar Panels: 34x 445W 144-cell split-cell modules.

Brand & Model Number of Solar Panels: Canadian Solar

Module Roof Arrangement: Single South facing roof array with 2x rows of 17 panels in Portrait.

Brand & Model Number of Central/String Inverter system: Solaredge HD-WAVE SE-11400-US (11.4)

Type of Micro Inverter or DC Power Optimizer system: 34x Solaredge P505 Worldwide Power Optimizers. 

Brand of Racking system used: Schletter (German Manufactured).

Soladeck Roof Electrical Junction boxes: 1 used.

Integrated Web Monitoring & Smartphone Application: Included. 

Warranties: 25 years on Panels, 12 Years for Inverter, 25 Years for Optimizers, 20 Years for Racking, 10 Years for Workmanship. 

British Columbia BCHydro Net Metering Application: Qualified and receiving 10 cents per kWh of excess Solar exported. 

Solar Battery Storage system: 2x TESLA POWERWALL 2.0 Lithium Batteries 13.5kWh each (27kWh total capacity).

Whole Home Backup or Critical Load Backup: Whole Home backup- Installed Tesla Backup Gateway (BMS) and CT's at the meter  location to intercept the main incoming supply so now the entire home is backed up. This home can now be self-powered under self-consumption mode with a chosen set % for emergency backup during power outages. Tesla Powerwall allows the system to sell the excess solar energy back to BCHydro via net-metering as well as allowing the property to remain self-powered, potentially Off-Grid indefinitely during a power outage. The system includes a real-time monitoring application so that the customer can manage/balance their electrical loads during grid failure.  

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